We are an incubator built on the Steem blockchain. Our community is a global and diverse network of artists, writers, designers, musicians and neighborhood leaders. Sndbox helps members earn cryptocurrency to empower innovative projects and creative ideas.

To date, the global #sndbox community has earned over :

$416,500 USD


We Educate : super talented individuals and organizations who represent a mix of new and experienced within the blockchain universe.

Coach : Over time, we’ll help minnows become dolphins. We reward online content through upvotes, provide resources and supportive feedback.

Empower : Our incubator provides a network that creatives can harness to empower their craft both professionally and financially. We strongly believe that open-source practice paired with emerging technology can revolutionize the creative world today.


Publishing your work through traditional social media net you no direct gains and are time-consuming gambles. A lot of pressure is placed on your final product to sell and to compensate for time spent throughout the process (90%).


Sndbox helps creatives tokenize the previously missing 90%. We train and integrate the flow of your work alongside emerging “attention-based” cryptocurrencies like Steem. The stories and narratives hiding behind that final canvas are valuable! We help you showcase them, and reward your process.

Looking to apply?

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Applications to the incubator are now closed! We will reopen applications beginning May 15th, 2018 for the second cohort of the year. Thank you.

Cohort 1 : January 1 - June 1
Cohort 2 : August 1 - December 1 (4 months)


COHORT 2 Membership = 40 SBD per month

We help incubator members earn cryptocurrency by publishing content on the Steem blockchain. Fees are due at the end of each month and we don't charge 40 if you don't earn 40.

Coaching : Daily one on one support. Steem and the broader blockchain landscape has a learning curve that we aim to accelerate our members through. Community Network : We have a diverse network of stewards, incubator alumni and blockchain experts who will be there to guide and keep you up to date on the latest cryptocurrency projects. Feedback : We will support our bloggers with ideas and advice on structuring cryptocurrency-powered projects. Promotion : Visibility is important. Our incubator publishes weekly member spotlights, highlighting newcomers and helping our members raise awareness for the issues and projects important to them. Project Development : We help you structure your campaigns, documentation, and guide project impact. Fundraising : We reward your creative content with cryptocurrency. Consistent support will help members cultivate an audience and raise funding for projects.
ALUMNI Membership (cohort graduates) = 10 SBD per month

Learn more about the program and schedule, here.

@sndbox is an incubator built on the Steem blockchain. Our community is a global and diverse network of artists, writers, designers, musicians and neighborhood leaders.

@creativecrypto (The Creative Crypto) is an online magazine launching in March 2018 dedicated towards showcasing blockchain technology and the creative world today.

@bldgblox (BldgBlox Foundation) is a registered non-profit based in New York City focused on executing seed grants for designers seeking to utilize cryptocurrency for innovative projects.


STEEM Park is the first public design project fully funded by cryptocurrency. The physical components of the project were financed 100% by mined blogging rewards and engaging with the Steemit community; no private donations or municipal support was provided. In short, it is the first public-interest project supported completely by public interest.

STEEM Park is a proof-of-concept that local community projects can be initiated and sustained through a global attention economy.

Located in Herbert Von King Park, Brooklyn NY.

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Michael Lee
Co-Founder, Director of Operations

A founder and principal of Base 15 Studio, a cultural development office in New York City. (Cornell University BArch ‘11 – Architecture, Harvard University ‘15 – Public Domain Design)

Kirk Finkel
Co-Founder, Creative Director

A designer with a focus on architectural, environmental and socially collaborative projects. (Cornell University BArch ‘11 – Architecture, Columbia University MsAUD ‘14 – Urban Design)


Sndbox Stewards are influencers who have a pulse on talent and creativity within the Steem Blockchain ecosystem. These Stewards aid the growth of Sndbox through feedback, campaign support, votes and the nominations of new members.

COHORT 1 [2018]

Stay tuned for highlights from the first Cohort of the Sndbox Incubator. Until then, make sure to follow @sndbox-alpha on Steemit.

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The Sndbox team (based in New York City) travels globally for workshops, presentations and cryptocurrency conferences. For all inquiries, please email us - hello@sndbox.co

Hosted by The World Bank, our talk “Blockchain Resiliency & Community Impact” showcased the many community-building initiatives within the Steem ecosystem and how cryptocurrencies act as an accessible resource for parts of the world without brick and mortar bank-infrastructure. Link here.

Hosted by the Google Campus in Seoul, South Korea. Our team invited prominent local Steemians to present on their experiences with social-media blockchain and what work they've been pursuing within the community; we covered STEEM Park in NYC and Seoul as well as future impact projects. Link here.

Summer Streets is a yearly festival in New York City where the Department of Transportation invites artists, musicians and institutions to host public workshops. New York City Department of Transportation Arts Program invited @sndbox to showcase the STEEM Park project and host an art workshop. Link here.

Hosted by 100 Bogart, a brand new and beautiful co-working space in Brooklyn. This comprehensive workshop covered the essentials of Steemit, a walkthrough of features, techniques and strategies. Our team was joined by a wide range of professionals in New York who were joining Steemit for the first time. Link here.

Hosted by the Artist Co-op in Manhattan, our team met and presented to a diverse group of creative professionals. Topics revolved around how the art world is being transformed through blockchain technology; we covered copywriting, information sharing, and intellectual property among many other topics. Link here.

Hosted by Cooper Robertson in NYC, our talk “Mining Creativity and Cryptocurrency” illustrated the benefits of professional design practice as it relates to the Steem Blockchain. We showcased our work with Steem Park as an example design project that can build an audience alongside project funding. Link here.

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Curious to learn more about Steem and the blockchain ecosystem?
Explore our resource and tutorial articles below. If you're looking to dig even deeper, click here for an extended list of Steem-oriented terms, topics and walkthroughs.

Welcome to Steemit! - A welcome post for newcomers to Steemit and creatives interested in the world of cryptocurrency.

What is Crypto & Blockchain? - The most digestible guide for newcomers to the technology.

Markdown Tutorial - Explanation of the markdown system and simple strategies for post structure.

Steemit Wallet - The ins and outs of the Steemit Wallet, its various categories, and how to interact with it.

What is a Steemit Reputation Score? - What your rating number means.


Say hello! - hello@sndbox.co

Applications to the incubator are now closed! We will reopen applications beginning May 1st, 2018 for the second cohort of the year. Thank you.

Learn more about the program and schedule, here.

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Introducing Yourself to Steemit

To create your introductory post - click on the round “Pencil” button in the upper right corner of your browser. Steemit blog posts have three main parts: Title, Content and Tags. Below, we have a few tips as your structure your very first blog post.


“Hello! - Artist in NYC Diving into the World of Blockchain”

(Just an example! Your title should be attention grabbing and a literal description of who you are.)


## Hello Steemit!

In this first section, tell us about you / your organization! Write a personal paragraph describing who you are, what you do and where you’re from. This is your very first hello to the world of Steemit!

(Include 1-2 images, we recommend each be 1000px wide by 600px tall to fill the thumbnail preview that appears on your feed.)

## About My Work (2-3 images)

This section should be focused on the type of work you’ve done in the past. What types of projects have you been involved in? What’s your professional story? Make sure to share lots of images throughout!

## Looking Forward

What are you going to blog about? Tell the Steemit community why you are excited and what big ideas you have moving forward!


Your introductory post should include five hashtags including "introduceyourself" for example: 

introduceyourself    art    design    creativity    sndbox


1. Double check your Markdown formatting. Here's a guide to learn more about formatting on Steemit.

2. Before clicking “Post” make sure to also select 50/50 under the rewards tab so that you can earn Steem Dollars (SBD).

3. Click Post!

4. After you post, people will welcome you through comments. Be sure to engage!

Congratulations on your first Steemit post!