Sndbox goes beyond the whitepaper. Our studio develops innovative projects that maximize the creative and social impact of blockchain products. Our work integrates community activities, artful media, and innovative strategies for outreach. We leverage both upcoming and active cryptocurrency resources to empower your work while providing connections to an evergrowing crypto-fluent network.

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The Sndbox incubator is an accelerator program powered by the Steem blockchain. The incubator is made up of 2 Cohorts each year; A Spring group running from February 1 - May 1, and a Fall group from August 1 - December 1.

Our community is a global and diverse network of artists, writers, designers, musicians and non-profit institutions. Sndbox helps members learn about and earn cryptocurrency to empower innovative projects and creative ideas. We use the Steem blockchain as an avenue for fundraising and as a forum to share research across the whole of the blockchain ecosystem.

Incubator applications are now closed.

The second cohort of the Sndbox incubator began August 1st.
Applications for Cohort 3 will open later this Fall.


Educate : We introduce and integrate blockchain resources with your work. Our incubator on-boards super talented individuals and organizations who represent a mix of new and experienced within the blockchain universe.

Coach : Our team provides weekly feedback and ongoing consultation. Members are guided with a custom curriculum to effectively learn about new cryptocurrencies and the opportunities surrounding them.

Empower : The incubator provides a network that creatives can harness to empower their craft both professionally and financially. We strongly believe that open-source practice paired with emerging technology can revolutionize the creative and entrepreneurial world.


Producing your work through traditional social-media nets you no direct gains and are time-consuming gambles. A lot of pressure is placed on your "final product" to sell and to compensate for time spent throughout the process (90%).


Sndbox helps tokenize the previously missing 90%. We educate and integrate the flow of your work and community alongside emerging attention-based cryptocurrencies. Whether you work as a freelancer, within an organization, or are trying to mobilize a new initiative, we help you better showcase your efforts and maximize the rewards from your process.

"PROCESS" case-study

STEEM Park is the first public design project fully funded by cryptocurrency. The physical components of the project were financed 100% by mined blogging rewards and engaging with the Steemit community; no private donations or municipal support was provided. In short, it is the first public-interest project supported completely by public interest.

STEEM Park is a proof-of-concept that local community projects can be initiated and sustained through a global attention economy. Located in Herbert Von King Park, Brooklyn NY.

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Incubator applications are now closed.

The second cohort of the Sndbox incubator began August 1st.
Applications for Cohort 3 will open later this Fall.


Join the Sndbox incubator! Sndbox hosts two cohorts (classes of ~ 50) per year. Each cohort lasts for 4 months. There is an optional Alumni Program available if Cohort graduates would like to seek continued support and to support future members. Click "APPLY" above to get started.

TypeUpvotes **Requirements (monthly)
MEMBER3x per week1 article per month *

* Sndboxers are required to complete 1 assignment article per month (published via @sndbox). These monthly article / journal assignments will be a great strategy for Steemians to broadcast their ideas, projects, call for participation and to build new audiences.

** All incubator member content is curated manually by the Sndbox team.

TypeUpvotes **Fee (one-time delegation)
ALUMNI3x per month500 SP Delegation

** All incubator alumni content is curated manually by the Sndbox team.

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Founding Team

Michael Lee
Director of Operations

A founder and principal of Base 15 Studio, a cultural development office in New York City. (Cornell University BArch ‘11 – Architecture, Harvard University ‘15 – Public Domain Design)

Kirk Finkel
Creative Director

A designer with a focus on architectural, environmental and socially collaborative projects. (Cornell University BArch ‘11 – Architecture, Columbia University MsAUD ‘14 – Urban Design)

Sndbox Stewards

Stewards represent our global team and contribute to the mission, growth, and impact of Sndbox. These Stewards aid the growth of our community through feedback, campaign support, outreach, and the nomination of new members.

Eric N

Abi L

Kevin Wong
Blockchain Adviser

DJ Lethal Skillz
Media Development

George P

Simon P
Public Education

Matej K

Eric V. Walton
Creative Adviser

Blockchain Adviser

Jeff B

Jassen N
Public Education

Ruth G
Creative Adviser

Bree / 브리
Global Outreach

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For all inquiries concerning talks, workshops, partnerships, sponsorships, or just to connect, send us a message (below).

Say Hello,

Explore our Discord chatroom.

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Our studio develops innovative projects that maximize the creative and social impact of blockchain products. From a Steem-backed Incubator that has onboarded over 200 global project accounts (representing 22 different countries) to The Creative Crypto magazine, a premiere resource for art, design, and entrepreneurship in blockchain - Sndbox is a leader in creating new forms of artistic outreach, education, and community engagement.


The Sndbox incubator is an educational and accelerator program powered by the Steem blockchain. We help artists, designers, musicians, and non-profits learn about and earn cryptocurrency to empower innovative projects and creative ideas.


The Creative Crypto is the first magazine powered directly by a blockchain, dedicated to all things creative within the cryptocurrency world. Learn more by exploring website.

Twitter / Facebook / Steemit


Our flagship project; Steem Park is a physical park development project in Brooklyn, NY. The installation was the first of it's kind funded entirely by cryptocurrency and through crypto-crowdfunding platforms like


The IMO [Initial Magazine Offering] is an upcoming cryptocurrency publication that looks to illustrate creative and emerging tech - NFTs, public ledgers, open-source material - in the blockchain space.


The Crypto Renaissance is an exhibition series that explores emerging tools that stand to revolutionize the creative world. The show first opened in Brooklyn at the Bogart Gallery - Summer 2018.


The Creative Blockchain NYC is a meetup group in New York City dedicated to blockchain education, workshops, and social activities.


We frequently conduct and host global workshops, lectures, presentations and creative 'hackathons'. Our team works with a diverse range industries and institutions to establish ongoing engagement and accessible education within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Steemfest 3.0KrakówConferenceNov 7, 2018
ArtTech + BlockchainNew York CityConferenceOct 24, 2018
Mondo NYCNew York CityConferenceOct 4, 2018
The Crypto RenaissanceNew York CityExhibitionJuly 20, 2018
Columbia University (GSAPP)New York CityLectureJuly 17, 2018
CUNY (School of Journalism)New York CityWorkshopMarch 1, 2018
Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaWorkshopFeb 2, 2018
The World BankWashington D.C. RoundtableNov 20, 2017
Google Campus SeoulSeoulLectureNov 17, 2017
Cooper RobertsonNew York CityRoundtableNov 13, 2017
Steemfest 2.0LisbonConferenceNov 2, 2017
The Artist Co-opNew York CityWorkshopSep 10, 2017
100 BogartNew York CityWorkshopOct 14, 2017
NYC DOT Summer StreetsNew York CityWorkshopAug 19, 2017
Steem Park OpeningNew York CityInstallationJuly 16, 2017

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Incubator Projects

Dwelling is a novel by Doug Karr

KR-Marketing is

Bitrocker Project is

Phillyhistory is

? is a =

Empower Shack is

Leotrap project is

CELF Magazine is


“Hello! - Artist in NYC Diving into the World of Blockchain”

(Just an example! Your title should be attention grabbing and a literal description of who you are.)


## Hello Steemit!

In this first section, tell us about you / your organization! Write a personal paragraph describing who you are, what you do and where you’re from. This is your very first hello to the world of Steemit!

(Include 1-2 images, we recommend each be 1000px wide by 600px tall to fill the thumbnail preview that appears on your feed.)

## About My Work (2-3 images)

This section should be focused on the type of work you’ve done in the past. What types of projects have you been involved in? What’s your professional story? Make sure to share lots of images throughout!

## Looking Forward

What are you going to blog about? Tell the Steemit community why you are excited and what big ideas you have moving forward!


Your introductory post should include five hashtags including "introduceyourself" for example: 

introduceyourself    art    design    creativity    sndbox


1. Double check your Markdown formatting. Here's a guide to learn more about formatting on Steemit.

2. Before clicking “Post” make sure to also select 50/50 under the rewards tab so that you can earn Steem Dollars (SBD).

3. Click Post!

4. After you post, people will welcome you through comments. Be sure to engage!

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Our global team works with clients to assess the available resources in the blockchain ecosystem, test implementation strategies, execute social programs, produce case-studies, and establish an actionable plan looking forward.